Open Your Doors And Pour The Wine

Guys, I am THRILLED you are here!

Here’s the deal, I LOVE hosting and find it extremely easy (it may have something to do with me planning parties everyday). But more than just hosting, I love my friends, I love connecting people together, and I love providing a safe and comfortable place for my friends and family to go. We live in a world where we can go three years without ACTUALLY talking to a ‘friend’ but from what I see on social media, she has the coolest job that allows her to travel once a month, drink champagne at lunch, and her boss buys her the best gifts. What I don’t know is how she really feels about her so called amazing job, what insecurities she deals with on the reg, or how she may or may not eat dinner alone six nights out of the week.

Relationships go deeper than an occasional Instagram comment or that surface level conversation that you had in a bar four weeks ago. So I want to encourage you to open your doors and invite your friends in. Gather around your table, talk about real life issues, be that friend that you didn’t know you needed to be. And while we’re at it let’s kick that Instagram perfect life persona to the curb, because that’s not important here.

In this blog I want to show you that hosting doesn’t have to be hard, or intimidating, or complicated. It can be as simple as placing cheez-it’s in a bowl and offering a drink. At the end of the day everyone really just wants a safe place to go and feel loved. So join me in opening your doors, inviting people around your table (whether it’s the coffee table, kitchen table, or patio table), and pour the wine!


PS. My tables don’t always look like this, and I promise to show you the not so cute stuff as well, but for today, shoutout to these people for helping a girl out.

Photo: Lindsey Shea Photography // Table + Chairs: Beautiful Event Rentals // Flowers; Branching Out Events

1 thought on “Open Your Doors And Pour The Wine

  1. Heyyyyy! So excited to finally be live. Can’t wait to watch this journey and have you over to celebrate!

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