Easy Peasy Fall Decor

Friends… Let me tell you a little about my style. It’s pretty SIMPLE. Like real simple. I’m all about staple items and then interchanging some of the smaller details throughout the season, life, or the newest clearance item I can find at Target. This is also real true when it comes to the holidays. I don’t always think that more is better, but if that is YOUR style, by all means, go for it.

Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year. And really I can skip right over Halloween and go straight to Thanksgiving. So you won’t find any spider webs, skeletons, or creepy zombies over here. But what you will find are some really funky pumpkins. This year I hung my favorite banner I found last year at good ole Target, and bought the best grey and white pumpkins I could find at Trader Joes (they are the cheapest that I’ve found so far), and threw it all on my mantle. The hardest part of this whole thing, was carrying the pumpkins inside.

A few other ways that I subtly decorate for fall is:

  • Change out my kitchen towels.
  • I put a bunch of mini pumpkins in bowl on my dining room table.
  • Festive cocktail napkins on my bar cart.
  • Switched out my candles to fall scented candles.

So there you go, the easiest seasonal decorations you’ll find. Throw some pumpkins on your mantle, porch, or dining room table and call it a day. Or don’t, your friends or Instagram followers won’t judge you for your lack of decorations, they just want to feel welcomed.


PS. That giant hole next to my fireplace…. I’m in the midst of finding something to fill it with. But proof that my house isn’t perfect and neither should yours be.

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