Make Your Bed

I grew up in a home where crumbs on the floor didn’t exist. My mom is probably one of the best cleaners I know, and I’ve often joked that its therapeutic for her to clean. This is NOT a gene I obtained. I don’t love to clean, I really don’t love to clean my floors, and who wants to scrub around the bottom of the toilet honestly? BUT, I do love a tidy home, and I don’t want to be a complete slob so I muster up the energy to clean my floors every now and then.

Having people over sometimes adds this pressure of having to have a perfectly clean home, and that isn’t realistic for most of us. I mean people have jobs, and spin classes, and Jersey Shore to catch up on…. there is no time to vacuum on Jersday. So here are a few things that you can do the next time someone is coming over to make people think that you are as clean as Monica Geller (my mom’s name is Monika so I guess I could reference her as well):

1. Make your bed.

Take just a few seconds to pull the comforter up, fluff the pillows and smooth out the wrinkles. People will think that you’ve got your life together!

2. Wipe down your mirrors. 

I try really hard to be careful when brushing my teeth to not splash on the mirror, but it happens. Every. Single. Time. Wiping down your mirrors with a little Windex can help brighten your bathroom and again, gives that illusion that you slaved over the bathroom until your guests arrived.

3. Take out the trash. 

No one wants to smell your Chipotle from 3 days ago. AND it’s extremely awkward when someone goes to throw something away and they have to place their trash on top of the trash, you know what I’m saying? Like a balancing game, if you place it every so gently on top, hopefully the rest of the trash won’t fall. Or you just don’t want them to feel like they should be taking out your trash. Really, just take out your trash.

4. Put away your clutter. 

Throw your shoes in the closet. The stack of cups by your nightstand, put those in the dishwasher. Stack of mail you haven’t gone through, throw it in a drawer. Just put all the clutter away.

5. Fluff your couch and light a candle. 

Literally my go to. Something about fluffing (I fluff a lot of things) my couch pillows and lighting a candle makes me feel like I have the coziest home around. Plus, the candle will help with any other stale smells you haven’t taken care of in the past 3 weeks!

That’s it guys. Those 5 simple steps should take you no more than 10-15 minutes and will make a WORLD of difference. No need to break out the steam mop every time you have friends over, OR freak out when someone last minute decides to stop by. You’ve got this!  And remember, when all else fails, poor the wine.


PS. I took the flowers in my picture from a wedding last weekend. There is NO WAY I could created something this pretty. BUT, stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make your own arrangements with flowers from the grocery store!

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