Put Your Phone Down

Do you remember the episode of Friends where Monica and Rachel switch apartments with Joey and Chandler and Monica tries SO hard to get everyone to come over to the new apartment because she wants to be the ultimate host? That’s me. I want to be the home where everyone comes and hangs out at all hours. Well maybe not before 9 am, unless they are letting themselves in and just not talking to me, then that’s okay. But really, I want people to feel so comfortable in my home. Like kick off your shoes, help yourself to a snack, curl up on my couch comfortable. I think that I’ve done a pretty great job at making people feel comfortable in my home, but speak up friends if you disagree. Here are some easy ways that you can ensure people are comfortable in your home.

1. Offer your guests a drink.

The first thing I do when I open my door for my guests (if they haven’t let themselves in already), I give them a hug! But then I offer them a drink. I want to make sure that they have a drink in hand, but also I don’t want them to feel like they are bothering me if they are thirsty. I also quickly tell them where everything is if they need anything at all.

2. Snacks. Snacks. Snacks.

I LOVE snacks. I really love food to be honest. But if I’m not making dinner, or making a cheese board I want to have something small to snack on. Whether its a bowl of pretzels, or nuts, or dark chocolate peanut butter cups, there is always something for them to munch on.

3. Music in the background. 

I have one of those fancy TV’s that you can talk to and does just about everything (thank you Amazon Prime Day), but has Pandora already on it. So depending on the day and my mood, I will have a different station playing. I just think it’s super awkward to walk into a really quiet room. Especially, if it’s a new person coming over and they are the first one to arrive, they often may not feel as comfortable and awkward silence just makes it that much worst.

4. Blankets on the back of the couch. 

It is getting chilly here in Dallas and even when it’s not chilly I would rather be cold than hot. So I keep my house pretty cool at all times. I keep blankets on the back of the couch or in a basket close by so that people can easily wrap up if they are too cold. There is just something so comforting about wrapping up with a blanket on the couch, it makes you feel a little more at home.

5. Put your phone down. 

This is a hard one, because there are so many things going on ALL the time on our phones. But really when you’re hosting, resist the urge to check the gram, call your mom back, or just scroll through Twitter. You want to stay present and be engaged with your guests so that they don’t feel uncomfortable or that you are uninterested in them.

There are a few other things that you can do that aren’t as major like putting poo-pourri in your bathroom and hiding your dirty clothes, but that’s for another day! The things listed above are the main hitters. I hope you invite someone over this weekend and you guys hang out on the couch for hours watching Jersey Shore, The Kardashians, and Dateline all while wrapped up in cozy blankets!


PS. Again with the flowers, stole them from another wedding and now they’re dying. I don’t have another wedding coming up so I’ll be flower-less for a while unless someone sends me some flowers (hint, hint), or if I learn how to put an arrangement together myself!


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