Wine Is The Same As Juicing, RIGHT?

We live in a world where everyone is on some kind of diet every other week. Like how many people are chugging celery juice right now or haven’t had a sip of alcohol in 16 days??? Typically when you get together with friends those diets go out the window unless you’re really dedicated to your commitment! But there are situations where people aren’t doing these diets just because Kourtney Kardashian told them to, but they have true dietary restrictions or have made lifestyle changes.

When inviting friends over you should be aware of what people are eating and not eating. I always try to send a text to my friends asking if people have allergies or can’t eat certain things. For example, I have a group of friends that come over every other week for dinner, two of them don’t eat pork. So I know to avoid pork when they’re coming over for dinner, or make it something that is optional. Here are a few ways that you can still make a fun meal and accommodate everyone!!

  • Foods that have lots of toppings –  Try making something like tacos, but have a ton of options so that your friends can top them the way they want. Think lettuce so that someone could make a salad if they aren’t eating tortillas, or if people aren’t eating dairy they can go without the cheese and sour cream. Or another easy thing would be burgers, it’s the same, lots of options so that they are able to top the way they want and everyone is happy. I’m currently doing Whole30 and made a chili that was compliant with what I’m doing, BUT for someone who isn’t, they could top their bowl with everything that I love and miss!
  • Build your own pizza – This is so fun because everyone can really customize their pizza the way that they like it. You can find pre-made pizza dough at Trader Joe’s, or even Pillsbury makes one in a can. Then get a few different sauces, a TON of toppings and let your friends be their own chef. Also, this is easy on you because you really don’t have to do any cooking! And maybe serve a salad on the side?
  • Vegans and vegetarians – These people.(insert eye roll emoji here) JK. My sister is a vegan and I just can’t get behind making a full vegan meal. So I’ve learned to either grab a veggie roll from Trader Joe’s or Central Market for her, or I keep some frozen options at all times. Amy’s has a ton of options that I think she likes? The people that are vegan are typically surprised that you would even think about accommodating them and are happy with whatever.
  • Follow food bloggers for inspo – My girl over at The Defined Dish has a ton of entertaining meals that are healthy and follow a lot of fad diets/meal plans. But when I’m not giving a, you know, I’m all about Chrissy Teigen and Jo Jo Gaines for some yummy but not so healthy meals. Just keep in mind some of those restrictions your friends have and omit that ingredient or substitute it for something else!
  • FAVOR- When all else fails, pull up the FAVOR app and order something there.

These are just a few suggestions on how to be a better host/friend. You may not care at all about your friends diets or food sensitivities, and that is okay as well, but don’t expect those homies to come back over!

Happy Hosting!


PS. if you are hosting at home be sure to hashtag your shindig with #youreverydaytable so that I can double tap all of your hard work!

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