Let’s Get Ready To RUUUUUUMBLE

Now that my Cowboys lost I could CARE LESS about this game. JK. That’s not entirely true. But it’s not as exciting now. The Super Bowl is one of those events that everyone loves. Whether they are there for the actual game, the commercials, the halftime performance or the food, everyone loves some part of this game. But I’m sure you’re thinking how can I spice up this party??? How about a few games and a little friendly wager??

  • Super Bowl Squares – this involves a poster board with 100 squares (10 x 10). Each person participating the game writes their name in however many squares they want, so if there are 10 people, I would say each person gets 10 squares to keep it even. Then you write one team name on the top and the other team name on the left. From there you draw 10 numbers (0-9) and put them across the top and down left side, like a graph from your middle school days. Then at the end of each quarter you look at the last number of the scores. Home 21-14 Away. So you would find the home team 1 square and then the away team 4 and whoever has the square where those two numbers meet wins. Some people do 25% of the pot each quarter or 10% 1st quarter, 10% 2nd quarter, 10% 3rd quarter, 70% final score. But you can do it however you want. Here is a printable if you aren’t feeling so crafty!
  • Super Bowl Trivia – Test everyone’s super bowl knowledge with these questions. See who knows the most Super Bowl facts.
  • BINGO – I’m personally a huge fan of bingo, so this is right up my alley. But here is a printable for bingo cards that will surely keep everyone engaged. The first person to get a bingo WINS a prize.Or just a high five!!
  • Prop Pool – Predict some things like who will win the coin toss, or who will be the first to score, and the person with the most points at the end wins. Maybe you can scour the dollar spot at Target for some cool prizes, or give out bottles of vino, or literally just give a high five! Here is another printable. There is always Canva if you want to create your own and make them a little more personable.
  • Commercial Ratings – I’m here for the commercials!!! Print these off and mount them to popsicle sticks and everyone can rate their fave and not so fave commercials!

OR you can just chill at the food table, and pop in for the halftime performance to stare at Adam Levine and try to spot Kylie Jenner… Anyone else? Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll be a hit. BUT create your Facebook event, tweet all your friends, and make your Super Bowl plans today! We will talk about Super Bowl snacks next week!


PS. Go Cowboys!!

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