Pie! Pie Pie!


Thanksgiving is next week and if you don’t know me, you should know that it is my FAVORITE holiday of all time. I’ll stop right there because I don’t want to lose any subscribers on my first newsletter over how strongly I feel about not celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Each year I like to attend or host a Friendsgiving, but this year life got real cray and I didn’t have time to host a full blown Friendsgiving. So this year, I’m hosting a Piesgivng. 

What is Piesgiving you ask??? Piesgiving is a party where everyone bakes a pie or buys a pie, and brings it over to share with all of your friends. Here are some ways that I was able to pull off a Piesgiving super quickly. 

  • Send out a Paperless Post. Paperless Post came out with a flyer function earlier this year and its a simple way to send out invites and share the invite via social media or through a text. 
  • Order napkins and cups from my friends over at Two Funny Girls. I couldn’t find something I wanted and Kristy was so quick and whipped these perfect cups and napkins! 
  • Find cute plates and silverware and maybe some to go boxes because who really needs all of the leftover pie? I found these boxes in the dollar spot at Target
  • Order a few extra pie servers.
  • Find a signature cocktail to make to go in your cute cups! I am making this bourbon spiced cider punch. And then obvs I’ll have wine. 
  • I’m making a pie but I’m also serving a chicken pot pie in case some of my guests want something savory! 
  • Lastly, I have these little place cards that I’ll use to identify which pie is which. 

And that’s it! I plan on wearing stretchy pants, and eating, and laughing, and eating some more all night long! 

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