For All The Cheese Lovers

Christmas is right around the corner, and your days of free shipping are limited! Don’t freak out just yet! I went ahead and gathered some of my favorite items for all of the cheese lovers in your life! I hope that this helps you knock off a few people on your list! 


1 . Cutting Board With Handle– this is a great size for larger events. 

2. Marble Paddle Board – this is a very practical non wood board option for your everyday cheese plate. 

3. Acacia Wood Serving Platter – I like this board because it has a little bit of a lip to make transporting a board easier. 

4. Copper Cheese Knives – these are my favorite cheese knives. They go with me EVERYWHERE. 

5. Mini Bowl – I like to have lots of bowls on hand to place things like jams, olives, nuts, dips, etc. in. I love the simplicity of this bowl knowing that it will match so many of my boards. 

6. Cheese Knife – this is another staple in my house. This knife is used for soft and semi-hard cheeses for easier cutting. The holes are so that the cheese doesn’t stick as much to the knife. 

7. Carson Cheese Board – this is another large board for larger parties. This would make a great centerpiece on a table. 

8. Salami Slicer – this was given to me as a gift and I use it so much. It sits on my counter and slices salami with such ease. From what I’ve read, you never have to sharpen the blade. 

9. Mango Wood Board – MY FAVORITE BOARD. The End. 

10. Kids Charcuterie Set – this is for all of the littles in your life. They probably need this. I mean, I probably need it too! 


Stocking Stuffers can sometimes be the best part of Christmas or maybe the most stressful part of Christmas. I browsed the bins at World Market and put together an ENTIRE cheese board that will fit in a stocking! Here are the deets (*note… most of these can’t be purchased online but this gives you an idea on the products): 

Paddle Board 


• Raspberry Pepper Preserves



Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels – the dark chocolate caramels are my fave, if you wanted to know.

• Carrs Crackers 

Wisconsin Cheddar 

Jack Daniels Whiskey Pralines 

Harvest Snaps Dried Veggies 

Brie Wheel 

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