Come As You Are… But Wash Your Freaking Hands

The past week has been so many things. It’s been scary, depressing, overwhelming and the future seems to be a little unknown. It’s hard to to peel yourself away from the news, or even try to think about anything else when all this talk of COVID-19 is everywhere you look. But I got out of my house last night to celebrate a sweet friend and it was so good for my soul. Of course there was a little talk about corona, but overall it was a great distraction and reminder that we need to cling to our people in this time. We need to support them, love them, and care for them to let them know they aren’t alone in this mess, and more importantly, that we aren’t alone. I want to be mindful but also prepared and proactive! So I went to the grocery store as this madness was unraveling and stocked up on some essentials to get me through the next two weeks, so that I’m exposing myself as little as possible to large crowds. I also have come up with a list of ways to still be social while social distancing.

  • Game Night – plan a game night with your friends. Bring out the board games, wine, popcorn, snacks, and make sure everyone washes their hands frequently.
  • Movie Night – same as the game night. Find a movie on prime that everyone will love and continue to wash your hands. 
  • Puzzle – I love a good puzzle and I went ahead and ordered a new one on Amazon last night. I’m going to put it on my dining room table and allow my friends to come and contribute whenever they want. Also, I realize this makes me sound like I’m 75 years old. But I will also lysol the pieces everyday! 🙂 
  • Get Outside – grab a friend and go for a walk around the Katy Trail or White Rock Lake. Especially with people working from home and gyms closing, find ways to stay active. Maybe even pour a glass of wine for your walk! 
  • Workout – another note on some gyms closing, subscribe and download an at home workout app. My personal faves are Melissa Wood Healthand Madeline Moves. And then invite a friend over to workout in your garage or take it outside if the weather is nice. 
  • Support Local – don’t forget your small business friends! Order food to-go from your favorite local spots, or even a sweet treat. Or utilize Favor or Postmates to get dinner and hang out with friends at home. 
  • Virtual Happy Hours – FaceTime your friends or family members, pour a glass and pretend you are together! With so many working from home, they aren’t getting that daily person to person interaction that we all need.

When taking all of these tips in, I hope you stay mindful to your health. If you aren’t feeling great or think that you might have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home! But my hope in all of this is that we really use this time to pull together and support one another. I’m a firm believer that we need people in our lives, and just because we shouldn’t be out in large groups doesn’t mean that we can’t still do small things to be present in one another lives! So, come as you are… but wash your freaking hands! 

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