Is this cheese still good?

Cheese Shelf Life How many of you are going through your fridge trying to make dinner? Like I have half of an onion, pickles, maybe some pasta, tomato paste, and this cheese that may or may not still be good? I FEEL you!! 

I put together a little cheat sheet to remind you of typically how long cheeses will last in your fridge. These are all based on opened packages! The harder cheeses will obviously last you a much longer time than the softer cheeses. But let’s get real, those soft cheeses never make it to that two week mark anyways.. Another note is if you notice a little mold on your cheese that is green and white, you can cut that part off and it’s still safe. It is has a red or black mold, throw that ish out! 

Happy Quarantine, friends! Remember, we are all coming out of this quarantine 15 pounds heavier! 

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