Week 7 of Quarantine and Burrata….

Week 7… or is it week 8? I don’t even know which day is which these days, the last time I washed my hair, or what it’s like to hug someone. If you follow me on Instagram (ahem, rude if you aren’t) you can see that I’m really starting to miss some of my favorite restaurants and places in general. To keep myself sane over the next 3 or so weeks I’ve started to recreate some of my favorite dishes. This weekend I made a batch of soft pretzels and burrata. 

If you ever get the chance to visit Cabo, you HAVE to stop by Flora Farms. Get a farmtini, order the burrata, listen to the Shamans play, soak in the vibe because it’s incredible. But real talk, I LIVE for their burrata. So I did some asking and they were sweet enough to send me a recipe link. I luckily had almost every single one of the ingredients on hand with the exception of the gluten free bread, I used a huge slice of sourdough that I had made! Here is the recipe that you all need to make ASAP. And then send me so many pictures and let me know how much it’s changed your life.

The governor in Texas is starting to reopen businesses at the end of the week and I’ve had some time to think about what this means for our future and how we gather as a whole again. We have done such a great job at celebrating and loving one another from afar, but I can’t wait to hug my friends again, for them to gather in my living room, and to be able to grab a glass of vino on a patio soon! Something I hope we don’t ever take from granted is our freedom to gather and our ability to show up for our friends.

Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, I think that social distancing will be a new part of our norm. I think we will gather more around tables at homes, in smaller intimate settings, and spray the hell out of that Lysol can in between. I hope that by following Everyday Tables you can find simple and easy entertaining tips so that you are confident in opening your home to your family and friends! Even though social distancing is hard and not something we were prepared for, I fully believe that we can find the silver lining here and find even more ways to be intentional with our relationships. So continue following along fun new and exciting ways to entertain and host your next dinner party! 

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