Graduation Is Not Cancelled

We have seen the drive by birthday parties and baby showers, but now with the country starting to reopen, how do we still celebrate those grads while still staying safe and social distancing? I’ve come up with a few ideas on how we can successfully let those grads know just how proud we are of them, with 6ft apart!

Intermittent Visitors – Before the party, share a google spreadsheet where your friends and family can sign up to come visit in 15 minute increments. That way you can limit the interaction with other guests, while still getting to see all of your loved ones.

Backdrops and Photos Ops – Consider a statement installation with balloons or banners so that your Grad can sit close by and still have a photo op with his/her friends. Call my friends over at Lushra to get your balloons installations! They have DIY kits or they can customize balloons like this one! Class of 2020 Jumbo Balloon

Snacks and Drinks – Consider having small snacks that are concealed and easy to grab and go. Such as bags of popcorn with cute tags, mini bottles of coke or water, cupcakes in an individual to-go box, small boxes of cookies, or even individual wrapped tacos. This will take care of your food and still cover your food safety!Shelly Williams added a photo of their purchase

Small Details – Bring out a bluetooth speaker to play some background music to give the party a little more life. Set up a table for gifts and card if anyone chooses to bring any. And don’t forget to leave out a bottle of hand sanitizer!

Please e-mail me if you need help organizing or pulling off a graduation party! I am happy to consult you on where to purchase items, coming up with an invite and schedule, etc!

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